“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
– – Henry David Thoreau

A Shima encaustic artwork commissioned by you is a co-creation and collaboration between Collector and Artist. Guided by your vision and revealed through my hand I paint with the natural elements of beeswax, pigments, and fire until the beauty of your painting speaks to you. When you feel it in your heart, then I know your painting is complete. My promise to you is that you love it.

We begin with a conversation and together discuss every detail: the concept and composition, the size, the textural elements, and color palette. Sharing what you like about my other paintings is really helpful.

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The unique encaustic process of layering 50+ layers of pigmented wax, fusing, adding wax, scraping back, then layering again allows me to refine your artwork up to the very end. With snapshots and video I invite you into my studio to follow your painting’s progress that typically takes 4 weeks for completion.

I request a 50% deposit to begin your commissioned painting and final payment is due at time of shipping. (Shipping rates are separate.)

I love commissions! Let’s begin . . .

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