Message in the Title

When I feel the painting is done – when it is as far as I can go without decidedly altering its essence – I sit in my favorite studio chair. With a steaming coconut latte and Deva Premal sounding her lyrical mantra, I look intently at the finished work.

Soon a feeling … a diffused image … a symbol emerges. Pen in hand, I randomly string words together, adding and erasing, back and forth capturing thought into words to express what I see.

Unknown to me until now, the painting reveals its message. Buried deep in layers of wax and days gone by in the studio, it speaks to me. The painting reveals its message. Named. Titled. My interpretation. What is yours?

May the spontaneous feeling of peace surround you.
This is the gift; the gift of my art.

Peace All Ways,


Found Myself Lost diptych v2.2
Found Myself Lost
72 x 36


Found Myself Lost 1 v2
Found Myself Lost 1
36 x 36


Found Myself Lost 2 v2
Found Myself Lost 1
36 x 36
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