Shima’s Studio Journal – 10 – Yes is Good. No is Good.

There comes a point when I am painting, usually twenty to thirty layers deep, when it is really good. Goose bump good. Don’t touch it good! But it’s still not done, and I know it.

Only So Far by Shima Shanti, Encaustic Artist
Only So Far
36 x 36 x 1.5 in

There is more to uncover. I’m torn; if I keep going with the next pass of the torch, the resulting mix of color can alter it in irreversible ways. And then it’s gone – in an instant. I face a moment of paralysis and uncertainty at this point in the process. But I can’t stop; the painting won’t let me leave it half-dressed.

With what feels like as much courage as jumping into glacier run-off of spring rapids, I fire the torch. I take the next relevant step. By this time whether to stop or keep going is the right decision. I break through my paralysis. I surrender control and accept the outcome.

Yes is good, and no is good.

This is my process for each painting, and with each new piece, I become more assured and less hesitant. There’s no returning to the naivete. Innocence can’t be faked. The timid beauty of hesitation is gone. Future paintings will not reveal this gripping hold and fear of making a mistake; it will shift to assured confidence.

Yes is good, and no is good.

This is the lesson and gift of my painting. The story of life – Journey On.

Peace Awaits the Courageous by Shima Shanti, Encaustic Artist

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