Shima’s Studio Journal – 6 – The Blush of Dawn

My studio practice dawns early. The birds are waking, and the sun has yet to rise.

The Blush of Dawn 36 x 36 x 1.5 in


The blend of ristretto espresso and steamed coconut milk lifts me from sleep. With mug in hand, I walk the short distance across the patio garden to my studio.

The night before, I generously leave the heat on. It is warm and inviting when I turn on the lights and fire up the hot plates.

The half-hour wait while the wax melts is sacred time. I light incense and fill the silence with my favorite inspirational music–Deva Premal, Native American flute–Carlos Nakai, and Gregorian chants.

My every sense overflows with grace and beauty.

I give thanks to God, Universe, Source, Spirit and the Divine for this gift of Creation.

I begin.
Journey OM.

Peace All Ways,


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