Shima’s Studio Journal


Please join me through my day-by-day Studio Journal of creating encaustic artwork.

My studio is bulging with a body of work ready to find its way into the world; waiting for the galleries to reopen; for artists and collectors to come together again at fairs, and to be discovered in online galleries.

I am gifted with time.

In this newfound space, I am free to contemplate and chronicle the step-by-step process of my art making and discover how every decision I make influences the outcome of my work. The materials I choose. The emotions I feel. My studio surroundings. Even the weather. In the process of this philosophical and practical inquiry, perhaps a deeper meaning and reverence will be revealed in my work.

My friend, Bill, tells me, “True Art Comes from your Soul. Technique comes from the intellect.” How do I infuse both and attain a perfect balance?

Why are we drawn to and touched deeply by certain artworks? And, other pieces,  we simply pass by?

These are the questions I seek to answer.

Encaustic is a layering process. My works have 50+ layers in each piece. Early on I found painting with beeswax similar to my life’s journey – layering, fusing and scraping; then layering again and again. Building up and taking away. Every layer of beeswax, one upon the other, represents a moment in time creating life’s journey. Joined with the past. Laying ground for the future. The multi-layers of beeswax are at the same time translucent and opaque. Again similar to life – some things I see clearly, and others I remain blind.

I welcome you to join me.

Next … Planning and Preparing

Peace All Ways,

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