The Artist’s Hand

Every detail of Peace Waters artwork is touched by the Artist’s hand. When we view original artwork, something stirs within us, awakens us, and beckons us to linger a moment longer in a shared experience with the Artist. This is the gift of art — Uniting and enlightening — Why we create and share.

The Inspiration

What lies beyond what appears to be – the True meaning of Life – inspire my artwork. Grounded by the horizon – with wax, fire, and brush in hand – I am free to explore Spirit and what lies beyond the physical realm. At some point one gives way to another. The horizon blurs and boundaries dissolve. A feeling, an emotion, or simply knowing emerge. The art reveals its message. This is when I know the painting is complete.

In Synergy with Spirit and Nature

Shima Shanti works in Encaustic, the ancient art of painting with beeswax. Beeswax and its forgiving, playful, and independent qualities inspire Shima’s free spirit and her eye for beauty. Her works reveal realistic and mystical harmony in the flow and fusion of molten beeswax. Similar to life, layers of beeswax and moments in time fuse one upon the other, revealing life’s journey.

“Guided by my heart, I paint with the natural elements of beeswax, pigments, and fire; allowing me to infuse the mesmerizing beauty of nature into my art.”  – Shima Shanti

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