“I have made the journey into Nothing. I have lit the lamp that needs no oil.”
– – Hafiz

Artist Statement

What lies beyond what appears to be – the quest for the true meaning of life – inspire Shima Shanti.

Shima is a beeswax and fire painter in the ancient art form of encaustic. Through the flow and fusion of molten beeswax, her abstract impressionistic artwork convey mystical harmony. Her luminous paintings channel the infinite beauty of our natural world.

Grounded by the horizon – with wax, fire, and brush in hand – she is free to explore Spirit and what lies beyond the physical realm. At some point one gives way to the other. The horizon blurs and boundaries dissolve. A feeling, an emotion, or a simple knowing emerge. The art reveals its message.

Shima holds a special reverence for the unseen details in the complex and labor-intensive encaustic process; believing the energy she infuses into each painting stirs something within us, awakens us, and beckons us to linger a moment longer in a shared experience with the Artist. This is the gift; the gift of her art.

nu about

Nature flows through Shima Shanti’s abstract impressionistic encaustic art. Growing up in the abundant natural resources of Montana and her life today in a small lakeside hamlet near San Diego impact the subject matter of her encaustic paintings. With a soft, neutral palette that is a signature of her artwork and the use of all-organic material selections of beeswax, earth pigments, damar tree sap, and Baltic birch wooden panels, Shima’s work contains no chemical or synthetic products as it reflects the beauty of nature. Extra time attending to every unseen detail, such as choice of materials and careful preparation before painting begins, is a testament to the luxury and investment Shima adds to each piece.

A common theme of Shima’s work is the flow of water in motion and the calm oasis that naturally follows. Her encaustic paintings are based on an ancient art form where up to 50 layers of molten wax and pigment are painted, heated by fire, and scraped until just the right luminosity, translucency, dimension, and depth appear. Encaustic paintings are a unique art form that are best viewed in person to see the 3-D effect of texture and movement come to life. Although many of Shima’s paintings are inspired by the color and movement of water, some collections embrace a more abstract form and neutral palette.

Shima welcomes commissions from both homeowners and interior designers, and she brings her clients with her into a co-creative process so they can participate in each step of the creation of their individual encaustic painting. Find her work in galleries coast to coast, including her studio gallery in San Diego.