“Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking.”
– – Ellen Lupton

For the Design Trade

I have a special affinity for working with interior designers. My background in corporate America gives me the tools and knowledge needed to meet the business and product procurement goals you have for your client, while my artistic experience provides me with the ability to see the design vision through your eyes. And, of course, we can customize colors and scale so your client’s artwork is truly an original piece.

We begin with a conversation and continue our dialogue until the painting is finished, packed, shipped, and installed. Together, we discuss every detail of your project: the concept and composition, the size and dimensions, the textural elements and color palette, and the essential timeline and logistics.

The unique encaustic method of layering 50+ layers of pigmented wax, fusing with fire, adding wax, scraping back, then layering again allows me to refine and adapt your ideas and suggestions into the process. With photos and videos, I invite you and your client into my studio to share your painting’s progress which typically takes four weeks to complete. I request a 50% deposit to begin work on a commissioned painting, and the final payment is due upon delivery. (Shipping rates are separate).

My promise to you is that your clients will love their paintings, which will embody the abstract impression of your vision and their story via the artist’s hand.

I love working with designers! Let’s get started!

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