There are many artworks that will catch your eye.

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Only a few will speak to you.

I’ve just returned from The Palm Beach Art Show welcoming friends, collectors, and art lovers. At the fair I am inundated with the energy of thousands. Between spurts of activity there are often idle hours to observe and ponder.

Why does my art touch some deeply and is seemingly invisible to others? What is the fleeting moment of interconnectedness some experience in view of my artwork? I watch and listen to those few.

After the fair, it takes me a few days to quiet my mind of twirling random thoughts before I reenter into the silent realm of creation.  This is a reflective time to replenish and to garner the gifts of being out in the world.

Rainer Maria Rilke writes:

“To each of us you reveal yourself differently: To the ship as a coastline, to the shore as a ship.”

And so it is in the many expressions of myself.

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