Sunday Greetings!

There is comfort in the familiar of my work; having an outline directed by a commission, or creating a collection for the next art fair, or painting to my proficiency — water in motion and staying in a neutral and soft, light palette.  

It’s hard to pull myself away from the familiar. I think that’s the way for all of us.

Diving into the unknown requires discipline to keep my personal mind and ego at bay. It’s easy for the strength of my free will to take over. Easy to fall back into painting the familiar when I get stuck. Easy to forget to allow Spirit to guide me. But when I do stop, and step into the  uncertainty of trying something new, it can be magical.

Recently, I entered into this uncomfortable zone and began exploring “The Other Side of White”    painting with black. 

These 12”x12” pieces are called Maquettes. A maquette is a small work of art created by the artist to show the process of a developing idea; often becoming as desirable as their complete works.

When I venture into the unfamiliar and explore a new direction in my work it is most-often inspired by suggestions from you. I’d love to learn what would interest you in my next encaustic exploration. Care to share?

Wishing you Peace All Ways,


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