The Structure of the Universe

I rarely share what I see and feel in my paintings, as I do not want to influence you with my perception. Art is subjective and each painting speaks to you in its own personal way. But sometimes it’s hard to hold back my enthusiasm to share what an artwork means to me.

While I am painting, I see through an unfocused periphery. When I feel an artwork is complete, and as far as I can go, I place it on an easel and sit with it, and for the first time look deep into the work. What do I feel? What is it saying? Is there a meaning? Sometimes the message comes easy and clear; other times it is buried layers deep. I hold my breath that it is not just a pretty picture; that it has more to say than that.

Words and thoughts emerge. Quickly and randomly, I jot them down. Then like pearls on a necklace I string them together. It’s a mental exercise that relies on intuition. Finally, two words distilled from paragraphs surface and the painting is titled.

Here is what Unbeheld Schema means to me.

“The Universe has an underlying organizing structure that holds all of nature and life in place. This structure offers security, continuity, boundaries, safety, and the assuredness that all is in perfect Divine order. It is the Schema of my painting. The webbing and lines intersect and organize in a way that allows us to perceive and respond to life experiences with confidence.

We do not see this invisible schema, the unbeheld safety net that supports and protects us. Yet, we trust and know it is there. It is this faith in the Universal Unbeheld Schema that encourages us to reach for the sky.”

This is the gift, the gift of my art.

Wishing you Peace All Ways,


The Structure of the Universe

The Structure of the Universe Structure

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