Jeu d’esprit

Happy Festive 4th!

I do not think while I am painting. Oftentimes, I do not look in detail at what I am doing. I allow the painting to take shape in my periphery. Each artwork guides me in its own way. It has its own story to tell, and its unique message to reveal. I am often unexpectedly surprised if I continue to allow the process to unfold.

Often, it is not until the painting is finished and I sit with the painting to name it, that its feeling, emotion, and message become clear. Other times, it remains hidden, even from me, patiently waiting to be reflected in the beholder; a private message meant for their eyes only.

And then, there are the paintings that can’t be ignored. They scream and shout and laugh and dance. They burst with jeu d’esprit. Their love and light can’t be ignored.

Wishing you Peace All Ways!


jeu d esprit
jeu d’esprit
36 x 36


36 x 36
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