Shima’s Studio Journal – 13 – Choicepoint

Shima’s Studio Journal – 13 – Choicepoint

Painting with encaustic — as in life — is a series of choice. Every brush stroke and pass of the torch calls for a choice. Each decision overlays and intersects with another defining the whole of the finished artwork. The effect of some is immediate; the meaning of others is concealed layers deep.

In the Hikaru collection, I choose to focus on minimalism. I limit my choice of color to shades of white. Through the fifty plus layers of pigmented beeswax, I come to realize just how many tones, hues, and values of white exist! Not a simple choice.

I choose to mix opaque pigments with translucent. Another choice that defines depth, dimension, and how light reflects. My choice of minimalism isn’t minimal at all. Unexpected levels of complexity intertwine with simplicity surface with my every choice.

I choose bookman’s gold for the finish. Here is where my choices narrow. I can allow the gold to make its own mark, layer gold over gold, or remove it entirely. Surprisingly, having fewer choices available make for harder decisions as they limit my freedom and require thoughtful, mindful contemplation.

Art — as in life — every layer of beeswax and each moment in time is a series of choice. One upon the other we create life’s journey.

I invite you to view my new work, “Choicepoint” and my ongoing exploration of the Hikaru collection of Radiance and Light.

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