Shima’s Studio Journal – 9 – Sheets of Rain

Shima’s Studio Journal – 9 – Sheets of Rain

While I was painting “Sheets of Rain,” our little dog, Star, unexpectedly passed.

Sheets of Rain by Shima Shanti, Encaustic Artist
Sheets of Rain 24 x 24 in

Passage. Behind the Lines. I Cry for You.

How this painting turned out caught me by surprise; it is so different than what usually defines my work. It strikes a chord within me and silently speaks to me.

“The hard finite lines of perceived reality
give way to the timeless, flowing,
and eternal movement of Light and Life.”

star shima shanti dog
Rest in Peace, my little friend, Star

There are so many layers of reality if we have the eyes to see what truly is beyond the appearance of our perceptions.

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